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At Charlestown Independent Church all members are encouraged to learn the areas in which God has gifted them and to use those gifts for the glory of God within the body of Christ. Therefore, volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministries. They help lead everything from the Youth Ministry to the technical aspects of each worship service. Dozens of volunteers also make our Children's Ministry possible as they help lead and support the AWANA Bible Club, Children's Church and LifeGroups classes.


We do not believe the church is meant to be an attraction to be watched but a place to serve.

OuR staff:
Chris Birke_edited.jpg
Chris Birke
Jennifer Cook.JPG
Jennifer Cook
Jane Hammond 
Leigh Ann Martin.JPG
Leigh Ann Martin
Jeremy Case.JPG
Jeremy Case

Youth Minister

Jordan Amos.JPG
Jordan Amos

Worship Minister

About us

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